Saturday, March 17, 2012


One of my favorite poems, written March 2010. I also performed this one for a poetry reading in Drama :)

 I love to go to bed in the evenings-
To close my eyes and go to sleep.
Into my thoughts, memories and wishes...
Their in my head, you know, buried deep.

Subconsiously I spin them into stories.
Stories filled with mystery-
Action and Romance
Stories that I wish would happen to me.
But they don't.
And so, I am left with my dreams
I can do whatever I want
BE whatever I want,
And no one will ever know.
I can fly and chase the clouds
I can be in the middle of a war
I can spend weeks, with him, on a desolate shore
But once I wake up?
No one knows no more.
When things go bad
I can escape
From bullies at school
To a forest landscape.

My dreams are amazing, and special, you see
Because I am with anyone
 And can do anything
But once I wake up?
No one will know what I did.
                                                  But me

There is something sad about living in a dream though, don't you think? If everything was make believe with no one real to share the experiences with...



I used to dream of writing long novels with complex characters and twisting multi-layered plots, but life seemed opposed to letting me ever finish one.
I used to lie awake at night if I hadn't written something down. The sentences would construct and organise, then break down and re-organise, on the canvas of my mind until I gave up, switched the light back on, took out my pen and wrote them down. This would keep me awake for hours sometimes, but most often in the end I was extremely satisfied with the outcome of my writing.

I used to wait for months to see if I got published somewhere, or to show my work to people, but now I realised that I can just as easily publish my short stories and poems in a blog, no matter if they are unpolished or half done... Just to see how they survive in the real world.

Sometimes when I am reading something intruiging, or I see something interesting, or hear something fascinating, I get an urge to write. I can't do anything about it. And in those moments, this is what my pen wrote down.

Enjoy :)